Birth Chart Reading.


The birth chart reading is a tool that gives us an overal insight of our potential, motivations, behavior, life goals, relational dynamics, value management, learning and vocation. For this query you need birth data (date, time and place), as accurate as possible (the exact time is very important).


Relationship Study or Synastry.


A reading of the relationship as a shared project. Identification of the strengths and potential of the relationship, as well as potential friction factors. It consists of analyzing the potential relationship of the two individual maps and comparing the horoscopes.




Solar Return and Profections,  Prediction for the year ahead.


Solar return, also called solar revolution, for a particular year calculates the exact moment, when transiting Sun returns on the same birth position.
In an essence, it is our "astrological birthday", which can occure on a different day than our traditional birthday. That precise moment in time allows us to predict the main topics of the year to come.


Profections (originally also called progressions) are one of the oldest, most valuable, predictive techniques. Annual Profection is a Hellenistic time-lord technique, and yes, time-lord techniques are as cool as they sound. Time-lord techniques allow you to determine which planets in a natal chart are activated, switched on, or “awake” during a given time period. And allows us to predict what areas of our life will be in focus in the year ahead.


This is a powerful tool to manage and deal with life situations and planning.



The readings can be in German, Portuguese or English, and are carried out online from the comfort of your own home via Whatsapp or Skype.



For prices, or if you have any further questions about the readings and which best suits you please feel free to contact me.

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