What is Traditional Astrology


Traditional Astrology is the astrologly based on the main types of western astrology practised prior to the mid-19th century. It includes the Hellenistic Astrology of the Greeks and Romans, Arabian Parts, Medieval and Renaissance European systems of astrology.

It is sometimes also known as Classical Astrology


Traditional astrology nearly died out with the Inquisition and a lot of knowledge was lost in the inquisition fires where hundreds of ancient irreplaceable books were burned. it was largely replaced by western Modern Astrology methods by the turn of the 20th century.


However the Traditional Methods were kept alive due to years of dedicated research by astrologers who wanted to have a more grounded understanding of astrology and its meaning.


The main difference between modern and traditional astrology is that modern astrology has a psychological focus, and traditional astrology has a fate/circumstance focus. Modern astrology focuses on the inner world, traditional focuses more on the outer world and on the tools given to us at birth to go our life path. It is a practical tool to help us on our journey through life.

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