Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my name is Tina and the Stars and the night sky have always fascinated me and I always loved astrolgy and the idea that our fate is written in the stars. Since I can remember I gravitated towards all astology books and studied everything I could get my hands on. In 2005 I discovered traditional astrolgy and decided it was time to dive into that wonderful world of knowledge. I finished my degree in Traditional Astrology in 2008 and continued deepening my understanding with continued learning and research. Since then I've been offering astrological readings.

For a brief introduction to Traditional Astrology please visit the Introduction section on this website, and for more information of the different readings that I offer, select the Readings section.  If you have a question or wish to get in touch, please use the contact form or my email address on the contact page of my site.

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