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Who are you really?

Astrology and Counselling can help you to know yourself better and become who you were really meant to be - not someone else's idea of you! Find out who you were meant to be with Astrology or Counselling! A horoscope chart can point out problems and areas in your life that could benefit from improvement. If you are in a relationship that has issues, then an astrology chart or counselling could help you to improve it by addressing the issues and problems. Compatibility charts can point out areas of potential problems and you can work with the trends and not against them. With my charts and reports or with counselling you can get to the heart of the problems quickly and deal with the issues and problems.


Living our lives as ‘real’ people!
How many of  us try to live up to someone else's ideal - parents, friends, lovers often try to make us into something we were never meant to be. Sometimes we even ruin our lives trying to live up to these ideals - the doctor who really wanted to become a concert pianist, or the salesman who really wanted to work as a Park Ranger - all because we felt we should live up to someone else's notions of what was or is right for us! Do you want your life to be lived by someone else's ideals or for yourself?

With the help of Astrology or even Counselling we can find out who we were meant to be and work towards that, we'll feel happier, have less hang-ups and because we feel better about ourselves and our lives - we'll also have more real friends. When we are more real we draw more real people around us. Our relationships with partners or lovers and friends will suffer fewer problems because our compatibility with our partners, lovers and friends will be improved.

Choosing your counsellor

When you choose your counsellor, either by using the links on this site or enquiring at your doctor, meet them and decide if you could work with them, ask questions about how they work - any counsellor worth his or her salt will be pleased to answer your questions. Be guided by how you feel about them - if you feel comfortable you will work better and probably quicker if you feel you will be able to trust them.