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Teen Drug Abuse Intervention
Help fight teen drug abuse, we provide information to help fight teen drug abuse by prevention and intervention.

Children of Artemis
An Astrological site in which I am proudly listed. Loads of links and information on Astrology and similar subjects.

This is a super site run by Michael Thiessen - with daily and weekly original horoscopes. Worth a look!


Personalised Astrology Reports & Psychic Reports


The Universal Psychic Guild brings together some of the most informative astrology reports available today. These reports cover all areas of your life and provide you with a valuable reference now and in the future.

Australian Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings by phone. Psychics, mediums and clairvoyants offer psychic reading, mediumship, tarot and clairvoyant reading by phone.

7 Words Associates

Personal Growth - Life management techniques - worth a look!

Unicorn Camps

Personal Growth - alternative camping holidays for singers & dancers.

A guesthouse on the dramatically beautiful island of Fair Isle.


A site featuring a super Gibraltarian artist, Adrian Cabedo, whose style is both vibrant and robust. Well worth seeing!


This is a site for ordinary people, like you and me, to loan money to people in developing countries to help them build their lives. A highly successful micro-finance organisation with good credentials and no interference from big banks! Not charity - but giving people hope for their future - with dignity.