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I have been interested in Astrology since I was a child and when I eventually decided to learn the art it was like reminding myself of something forgotten - not learning it for the first time! I have been studying and practising Astrology for around 30 years now and still have plenty to learn, I shall be learning until the day I die.

I have also been counselling for many years and was trained by the Nottingham Counselling Centre. I worked for them for around 6 years and then continued on my own. I have been counselling now for around 17 years and work with people who are having difficulties with relationships, eating disorders, childhood abuse, issues around bereavement and many other difficulties that people encounter throughout their lives.

If you feel you would benefit from counselling you could go to your doctor to see if s/he could suggest a local practitioner, have a look in the Yellow Pages or go to the Links pages and see if you can locate one locally.